Saturday, July 24, 2010

How about a little Fallingwater to cool off?

I think everyone is familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect, and the house he designed in Pennsylvania called "Fallingwater". Maybe it's this extremely hot weather that had me watching this video again today---something about the place is cooling. It's definitely on the list of places to visit (some people call that the bucket list).

Take a break and enjoy the video. Bet you watch it more than just once! I liked the music so much I added The Moldau to my iTunes!

Oh yeah, see you next Saturday morning during the Sidewalk Sale.

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Anonymous said...

From PA and embarrassed to admit I've never been to Fallingwater although it is also on my "bucket list" of places to see. I did, however read the book "Loving Frank last summer". It was a wonderful love story about Frank Loyd Wright and an interesting perspective on him as an individual.


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