Monday, July 5, 2010

Bright Colors and a Touch of Contemporary, Thanks to Global Views

One of the more popular showrooms at market is the Global Views showroom. They are always showing the latest colors in a bold, and big way. And although we may think their look is all contemporary, it does blend with more traditional decor. Their glassware and ceramic vases are just beautiful, and have enough color to them to really add some punch to your decorating.

The color featured was primarily the turquoise, but the addition of orange was a fun surprise. You can see by the shelves in the above picture that their showroom is loaded with their colorful inventory. Each area is color coordinated---so around the next corner you may find all black and white.

Of course the headboard is not "your typical headboard", but the coverlet is. How easy it is to change the whole look by adding some bright, new pillows. We do have some similar to the green ones coming from another vendor!

Now, let me brag about our rep, Tom. He walked through the showroom with us, several times, pointing out the best price points. He also served us lunch, on Friday and Saturday, and it was delicious. Seems the owner of the showroom owned a catering business and still likes to share his great cooking and recipes. Click here for a list of his recipes.

Hope you like the cool green vases/candle holders in the above picture. We've got a lot of ideas for their use, with Christmas decorating at the top of the list.

One more item we purchased is this set of storage boxes. The tallest is 24" tall, and both would make great side tables. Perfect for putting away those throws you have laying around, or maybe all those magazines you can't seem to let go!

Thanks to the Global Views showroom and their great hospitality, and especially to Tom, for all his help!

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Anonymous said...

Love it, love it love it. I can't wait !


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