Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer splurges and gift giving ideas

I wouldn't call our new jewelry a big splurge, the prices are good and the look is fun and bright. Each piece is handmade by Elly, in her home in Connecticut. Her company is called "The Purple Door". You can see more of her jewelry on her website.

Here's another one of Elly's creations---it caught our eye immediately. The chain is actually wrapped ribbon.

You'll find a nice selection of jewelry from "The Purple Door" at Madison Lane Interiors. We will be receiving even more jewelry lines, all made in the USA! We really like buying from the women entrepreneurs we meet at market! We hope you'll want to support them, as well.

If you need a wedding gift this summer, we have a couple of ideas. This new glass bowl is such a unique shape that you can be sure your gift won't be duplicated.

If you're buying a gift for the person who loves the outdoors, these oil lamps and holder would be a beautiful addition to a patio or along the walk to the front door.

And don't forget you'll need a heavy duty bag to take with you on your summer vacation. These tote bags from Dash and Albert are made from their cotton rugs and are big enough to hold everything you need, but soft enough to fold over when they aren't quite as full. We have several in stock, or choose one from the catalog---they ship within a week and are here before you know it.

Whether you're buying a wedding or housewarming gift, or something for yourself, come in and check out our summer splurges.

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that necklace...would love to see it on a model. If it looks as good on...I might be inclined to buy.


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