Friday, March 27, 2015

Everyone needs a console

We know how much we use console tables in the shop, and how so many of our clients need one, or more than one.  If you look up "console" in Wikipedia (where else???), their first definition is that it is used as a device for playing video games.  Well.....that's not our first thought.

Our current favorite is about to be delivered to one of our customers, but luckily,  it can be reordered!  This one is about 60" wide, which we have found to be a good size, and about 15" deep.  It's also a little taller than some, which is a plus in a lot of situations.  The lattice front will provide a nice texture to the room it will be going to, but the light wood finish will keep it from looking to "weighty" in the otherwise small space.

We see consoles used in hallways, foyers, dining rooms, and most commonly under our TV's.  An open bottom console provides a place to store an extra little ottoman or bench, or a good spot to place baskets which help contain some of the smaller things that have no where else to go!

We have the availability to order custom sized consoles from Hickory Chair, so if you have looked endlessly for that perfect size with no luck, we can take care of it!

Of course I cruised the Houzz website for some other uses and styles of consoles:

If you are still looking for that perfect console, make sure you stop by and see what we have or what we can order.  Remember we can do custom sizes and finishes.


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