Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Hours

The shorter, colder evenings are a good reason to observe a time change:  we will be closing at 5:00 pm until further notice.  If you have a conflict with the 11:00-5:00 Monday-Thursday hours, please call us for an appointment.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Glamour in the Dining Room

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful, 10 ft window in your dining room, and a lovely glass chandelier, then you know the window treatment will have to match the quality of the room.  That was actually an easy decision:  silk cream drapery panels.  Not just plain, but with an embroidered leading edge, lined and interlined with flannel, and hand-tacked goblet pleats.  The results were just as wonderful as they sounded:

 Notice the embroidery on the leading edge of the panels.  We could have had this continue across the bottom of the panels, but the arrangement of the table hides the bottom of the drapery.  The silk fabric is embroidered after the order is placed.  Each panel is over 120" in length, and a double width (meaning the inside width has the embroidery and the outside width is left plain).  The company, Catania Silks, had these widths sewn together then we had them sent to one of our trusted workrooms, Cord n Pleat.  We didn't want to worry about the shipping of interlined silk panels, so being able to pick them up and "drive" them to our client's house was important.  Also, being able to visit with Marilie, the owner, was fun and I got to watch her put the finial touches on these monster sized drapery panels! 

I wish we had a close-up of the hardware we used from the Finial Company.  The rod was a custom color to match the light fixture, and the heavy crystal finial was just the right touch of sparkle to add the final piece of glam to this room.  Keeping  this home classy, simple, but glamorous was our goal. 

Our thoughts:  This dining room is completely open to the foyer and living room.  The layout of this total area demanded that all rooms look harmonious and not one area take away from the other. 

Crystal finial from The Finial Company

Close-up of the embroidered leading edge of the silk panels from Catania Silk

We still have some extras to find to finish the decor in this client's home.  The dining room still needs some art to hang on the wall to the left of the window.  The backdrop is in place for a variety of wonderful table settings and every reason to bring out any variety of tabletop pieces---they'll all look wonderful in this room, no matter what the occasion! 

Keep in mind the way you entertain when you decide to decorate your dining room.  Too much pattern could definitely take away from your Holiday and entertaining decor, or could also be just what it needs---that's what we are here to help you decide!  Everyone's needs are different. 


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