Friday, May 18, 2018

Bay window dilema

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful wall of windows, or a "bay window", there is a good chance you are having a difficult time "treating"  it.  We recently encountered a large bay that had previously been treated as 5 individual windows (that means, 5 individual rods with 5 separate drapery pairs).  I wish we had that before photo, but the client cleared it away before we arrived!

If you are doing the math, you can see that this is well over 200" of windows.  The wall isn't actually curved, but does have several angles making the wall appear as an arc.  You can quickly see that 5 separate rods would mean 10 brackets, and that in itself will not be very appealing!  

The awesome view to the pool in the back was something the client wanted to see, and privacy was not an issue.  Thank goodness this was NOT the west side of the house, so heat from sunlight was also not a problem.

Our job was to make this look pretty, as it should since this is the first thing you see upon walking in the front door.

We suggested a light color, woven sheer fabric, with an embroidered design.  There are many available in our library of fabrics, but this classic pattern was an easy choice for our client.  She wanted something that would not be distracting, but also have enough of a pattern that is was not boring.  We suggested this particular fabric since it had the color and texture she was looking for, and the geometric pattern felt very fresh and updated.  The slight sheen to the embroidered design gave a bit of a formal feel to this "formal living room", too.

The measuring of the rod proved to be the more labor intensive part of this project.  We provided a template to and they were able to make the perfectly shaped traverse rod!  These drapery panels are operational!  With the use of a baton (hidden behind the first pleat on the left and right of center), the client can open and close this huge treatment with ease.  During those fun, summer get-togethers, they are able to completely open up the outdoors to the indoors, but during the winter months, keep them closed as a beautiful backdrop (and we can't wait to see how the Christmas tree looks with the new backdrop)!

Let Madison Lane Interiors take care of your difficult window configuration!  We have access to the custom hardware you are needing!

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