Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paint colors: Light vs Dark

One of the more common calls we get at Madison Lane is requesting help with paint colors.  Some people have a difficult time seeing the undertones in paint colors.  It can be confusing, and although we feel confident in choosing paint colors, we insist on seeing the color inside the client's home.  Lighting makes a huge difference.

If you aren't even sure about which color to use, let alone the shade or tone, visit Sherwin Williams website for all kinds of great information.  It's a good place to get the ball rolling.

Now, back to the title of this post:  Light vs Dark and how do you choose.  Take a look at a before and after and see how these colors make you feel (warm and cozy vs bright and cheerful?)

 Many of you may not like the after (on the right) as much as the before.  That's what we mean by paint colors being "personal".  There are many shades of "brown", with some of them having a very pinkish undertone to them.  And blues can be difficult to choose without turning your room into a baby boy's nursery!  If you looked at the color chip for the blue in the photo, you might think it was a pale grey (it's Sherwin Williams Sea Salt).

Here are a few things I learned about the dark paint:
1.  Poor light reflection.  Not so great for rooms where you put on make-up!

2.  Brown paint looks good with white trim, not so much with wood.  If the shelf was
white it would have helped, otherwise the 2 "browns" seemed to compete and in person it just looked messy.

3.  Over time, it felt dreary.  Originally it did seem cozy and a fun contrast with the white trim and flooring, but eventually it just wore out it's welcome.

What I like (so far) about the light paint:
1.  Great light reflection.  Maybe more than you would like ;) 

2.   Looks good with white and wood.  This particular color of blue works with the stained wood, but not all pale colors would compliment the shelf and cabinets.

3.  Refreshing and cheerful.  Maybe a "Florida" reminder isn't a good one for everyone, but it is for me.  Again, color is personal.

We'd love to hear your comments!  What is your personal preference when it comes to Light vs Dark?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Remodeling a kitchen takes time (a before and after post)

Don't believe everything you see on TV, a remodel takes more than 24 hours, or even a weekend, as HGTV might have you believe.  You might not remember a kitchen we featured a few years back CLICK HERE.  For many reasons, the final touches take the longest, but we are here to report back that the final touches are done:

Custom cabinetry from Deans Cabinets

Fabric from Duralee  

The moral to this story is:  be patient and don't settle for something you don't want.  It did take us some time to find just the right sized hardware for these cafe curtains.  It was our rep, Kristy, from Fabricut, who walked in with just what we had been looking for!  Our client was excited to see that the scale was just what she had in mind, and also stayed with her plan for the pretty embroidered linen she found almost 3 years ago! 

FYI, just because we can't find exactly what you have in mind today, doesn't mean we won't find it later----and later might just be a few months, not 3 years.

Pantry with new open shelving added.  
It's fun to look at the photos side-by-side:

Although we don't sell cabinets or tile, we're here to help you plan your color scheme and add the finishing touches to your new or remodeling project.  Call us to inquire about our hourly service fees.  Did you know: when purchasing furniture from Madison Lane, we will not only help you choose the best fabrics and finishes, but also make sure the pieces will fit in your room (just one of the services we provide for free to our clients).

It's probably not too early to start making a plan, remember, it can take some time!


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