Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Billboard and Candice Olson

Yes, you are right---Candice Olson is not on the billboard, but we did mention her. Seems if you want to use her "likeness" you have to have your people contact her people, and that just takes time. We are told that she would most likely be fine with that, but we had some other ideas.

If you read the blog very often, you know we carry Norwalk Furniture. We have already sold some of Candice's own designs. Even though the regular line of Norwalk furniture is great looking, it is fun to be able to offer some furniture with a little different "spin". When you get a chance, scroll through her furniture designs on the Norwalk website.

Another vendor offering Candice's "spin" is Surya. Just go to their website and search for rugs under her name. If you're familiar with her look, you'll be nodding your head as soon as they come up on the screen.

Here's one of them from the Atlanta Market. We were interested in matching a fabric on that day, and we very intrigued with this particular rug. Surya also has several sculptured styles in a variety of colors, designed for them by Candice. They would be great for those of you who just don't need more colors brought into your room, and the sculpted design keeps the rug from looking boring.

And the other company we have featured on the billboard is Paragon. We have bought wall art from Paragon in the past, and while we don't currently have Candice's hanging in the shop, we are able to order from their catalog. We have always been impressed with Paragon's quality. Here's a quote from Candice from their website:

Art is a design element that is essential for the expression of your own unique style. It creates personality and character in a room; sets a mood or ambiance; adds color and interest; and can transform an ordinary room into an extra-ordinary room. My art and wall d├ęcor collection is defined by inspiring imagery, distinctive materials and the effects created by light on surfaces and finishes. Modern techniques and traditional motifs merge to create a collection you and your family will enjoy for years to come..” -Candice Olson 2007.


Unknown said...

That is so awesome that you have your own billboard!!! It looks fantastic! I will look forward to updates on the response you get from it.

Madison Lane said...

We have had it for some time now, and it has proven to be our best advertising! The location is perfect---it's on Main Street and the arrow always points the way to our shop. The other locations we had tried didn't do a thing for us.


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