Tuesday, June 29, 2010

French Laundry---the newest bedding addition to Madison Lane

We couldn't resist the soft feel of the fabrics, the soft colors and designs, and the fact that it's made in the USA! French Laundry furniture and bedding will be coming to our shop in about 6 weeks. Debbie Jones, the designer, was on hand at the Dallas Market to help us put together our opening order.

We don't have a picture of the bedding we have ordered, but the above pattern will be part of the set, and the color is a soft aqua and natural.

There are a variety of pillow styles available. Their attention to detail is very noticeable on the boxed cushions, especially. All work is done by local craftsman in High Point. They can be ordered for fit your mattress size---just like any other custom work we do through Madison Lane Interiors. So many ready-made duvets are coming up short!

We still do all types of custom bedding from the shop, but French Laundry fabrics appear to be "vintage" and resemble the "feed sack" style. The cotton/linen fabrics are washable, and will be available in an array of colors and stripes.

The furniture is also part of French Laundry. They have recently been featured in "Country Living", but don't think they all have a country look. The styles range from contemporary to more traditional as show above. The fabrics really make the difference in this furniture line. Also note the wooden pieces shown: the round coffee table and the open shelf/hutch behind the sofa. These painted and/or stained pieces are from Justin Camlin. We don't have them in the shop, yet, but just wait----we're just looking for an excuse to purchase some. The quality is better than any we have seen, and the color choices are just beautiful. Sometimes a room really needs a break from all stained case goods, and Justin Camlin would be the perfect choice.

Thanks to our rep, Susan, for your patience and help!

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