Sunday, January 9, 2011

Take control of your life: get a new kitchen!

 Is it really that easy?  No, it's not.  Ask our client Ms A. and she'll verify that neither a new kitchen or getting a fresh start on life is easy.  Her new house is in a great location, has nice curb appeal, large backyard, good neighbors, and many other nice features.   Unfortunately, the kitchen was not one of those features.  The kitchen is probably the most important room for Ms A, as she loves to cook.  However, a coat a paint wasn't going to make this room functional, and adding new appliances to the low, shallow cabinets reminds me of the saying "you can't put lipstick on a pig" . . . . .
Our hope for her was to get a totally new start in the kitchen.  The other rooms in the house could be painted and decorated, but this room just needed too much.  After a bid from the cabinet shop, Ms A. decided it was a go, and the work began.

 Not only were the cabinets and appliances replaced, but new lighting and a new backsplash was added. Did you notice the new cabinets go all the way to the ceiling? The original plate rail was really a waste of space.   Not visible in this picture is the under cabinet lighting and the lighting in the corner cabinet.  It adds such an elegant look and really lights up the work space as well.  Also note the copper cabinet pulls and the small contrast tiles pieces in the backsplash (they are small copper tiles). 

We have the fabric picked out for the window treatment.  The plan is a cafe style so plenty of light will still shine through the top of the window.  Note the copper faucet Ms A found---it's beautiful!  Another wonderful feature is the tiny chandelier above the sink. 
Here's a closeup of the light fixture:

 What a great piece of jewelry for Ms A's kitchen.

If you need some advice on a new project, we can help.  No, we don't sell the cabinetry, tiles, appliances, etc, but we do coordinate colors, textures and the "jewelry" of your project.  As in Ms A's case, she had a basic idea of what she wanted, we just helped her get there.  The road to this new project was sometimes bumpy, but so is the road to any big change in life.  We thank our customer for her persistence and letting us play a part in her new kitchen.  We will certainly keep you posted as we add the final touches to the kitchen, and you'll be awed when you see the changes that are going on in her den.

Take control and make those changes this year!  We're here to help.


FatFree Redhead said...

Love the copper pulls. And the chandelier above the sink is a nice unexpected addition. I have a question though. When picking this light would it have been trying to hard to be matchy-matchy if it had been copper also, or is it best to go off of the lighting material used in the rest of the kitchen?

Madison Lane said...

It would have been fun to find a light fixture with some copper accents, but that was nearly impossible---just not that many out there. However, I agree it would have ended up too matchy-matchy in the end. With stainless appliances, I think the mottled finish of the light fixture ended up a great mix of metals for the kitchen. We still have curtain hardware to add!

Jaybird said...

It's also impossible to teach a pig to wastes your time and annoys the pig ;^)
The kitchen is lovely!! You are amazing ladies!
I still think you should have come to the Dallas market...I could have heckled you in person :^)
Thanks for sharing your lovely work,


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