Saturday, January 29, 2011

Window treatments for transom windows

 Transom windows are often left untreated, or dressed with panels.  As beautiful as they are, many questions are raised when it's time to add something for privacy and light control.  The crosspiece inside the window makes installing the shade (Hunter Douglas Vignette) at the top of the window impossible.  Leaving the top open is not a bad look in the daytime, but at night a transom can become a dark hole in the wall, and in the morning, it can pose a real problem for sleeping past 6:00 am.

Our client, Doris, has a more contemporary decorating style, and anything too fussy just wasn't going to work in her house.  We liked the thought of a box pleated valance, but it needed to have some depth, so by using more pleats, the treatment is not as flat as it would have been with fewer pleats.  The picture below is a computer rendering of the proposed solution:


Here's a closeup of the finished treatment:


We had a grouping of the same windows in the breakfast area.  The view of the sky is lovely, but that morning sun wasn't so great every morning.  It wasn't as important as the bedroom sun, but blocking some of it would help. We decided on a pennant style valance, with blackout lining and trimmed out in a dark brown cording to blend with the cabinetry.  It's not visible on this picture, but it's the details that make the difference when doing such a simple design.

Even the smallest amount of fabric can add just enough color and texture to your windows. We can help you decide on the proportions, color, texture and style for your room. 

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