Sunday, August 26, 2012

New looks from Highland House

We placed an order last week for several pieces of Highland House furniture.  It was not easy trying to narrow down our choices just because we have a small store.  We did choose the sofa in the photo above, and you'll be really happy about the pricing on some of their newest sofas.  

 We really appreciate the extra effort this company goes to by providing us with these latest ideas and showing their furniture with the various fabrics and room settings.  

 It's great fun looking through the fabrics and mixing and matching several of them for a client.  However, it is very important to see how some of them look when they are on a large piece of furniture versus a small piece.  

 Another thing to think about is how the colors will look from across the room.  Some patterns can almost disappear while others can become busier than you might have guessed!

 Solid fabrics aren't always a sure thing either.  You have to take their sheen, nap and texture into consideration, too.

 Finally, a nice wing back chair without a lot of extra "fluff".  This one is show in leather, but don't forget you can choose from hundreds of fabrics

 We'll be getting the smaller side table to match this great looking cocktail table.  It's covered with raffia!  Don't you love how the light color opens up this room setting.  We find many clients with brown sofas, this could be just what you're looking for to brighten up your living room.

 This ottoman/coffee table is covered with one of their new bright leather fabrics.  This useful piece has a tray in the center to hold your drink, but you can still put your feet up without knocking it over!

 The smaller sofa in this room would be great for a bedroom sitting area.

 Our Highland House rep told us this sofa is one of their best selling pieces.  The traditional look and comfort level just keeps it selling over and over.

 This photo has several interesting ideas.  The otherwise ordinary chair has contrast banding on the skirt and is given a real "designer look".  A nearly see-through coffee table is the right choice for this patterned sofa.  We don't often advise a lot of pattern for large pieces, but the mix in this room works out nicely.

 The patterned fabric on this small sofa adds a real punch of color to an otherwise subdued room.  Bright colors aren't for everyone, but for some of you, a house just isn't your home without something bold!

 A tufted back sofa with a pleated skirt---always a classic.  

The tall arms on this sofa definitely adds a more formal look.  

Let us tell you about how Highland House is adding new pieces to their line of furniture that will make your dream room more affordable.  You'll still have their quality workmanship---made in the USA upholstered furniture!

On a personal note:  Thanks so much to our rep, Daphne.  Always patient with us, always quick to answer our many questions, and always willing to do whatever we need to get those special orders filled!  

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