Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Purple, Plum, Eggplant, Aubergine---call it whatever your want!

Madison Lane Interiors
We have had various shades of purple in the shop for sometime.  You might be surprised how much this color is used in decorating.  Our neutral paint colors of gray and latte are a great backdrop for the varying shades of purple.  However, don't think your brightly painted walls won't work either, take a look below at the photo we took in the Duralee showroom:


It's not a lot of the pale purple/lavender, but enough to pop against the pale sofa and the blue walls.  The added color makes for a nice transition around the corner to a completely lavender and purple room.  You can see that room in the post below titled "Color Report from High Point".

Highland House showroom
 Just adding a decorative dish has a lot of impact with this bold purple and teal plate.

Unknown internet source.
 We've saved this photo for several years!  The purple votive candle holders and the throw, along with the even lighter lavender flowers turn an otherwise pale room into something glamorous!  The polished nickel accessories are a perfect addition.

Come by our shop and find the punch of purple/eggplant/plum or aubergine you need to freshen up your rooms!


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