Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to choose a sofa

One of our newest additions, from the Parisian Loft collection, made by Precedent Furniture, features many ways to customize your sofa according to how you like to relax.

That might sound like an odd way to order a sofa, but we will probably ask you if you like a firm seat or a "sink into the sofa" seat.  Also, do you sit straight on or prefer to curl up with your legs underneath you. 

You  might be familiar with choosing fabrics and colors, but now there is even more to decide.....but they are easy decisions! 

This particular series of furniture gives us 2 options for the depth.  If you like to curl up and watch TV, you'll definitely want a deeper seat.  Or if you are purchasing a sofa for a small scale room, or your back requires you to sit more upright, the smaller depth would be what you are looking for.

Now choose your components:  sectional pieces, chaise, ottoman, chair, etc.

The Parisian Loft series also has 3 arms to choose from, which are more slender than arms styles from several years ago.  This works out great with side tables and take up a lot less space in a room, giving more area for actual seating.  The Track arm is generally considered to be more contemporary, with the Small Roll arm more traditional.  The Flare are reminds us of the English Arm style which has been around forever and is great to mix into more any decor.

The back style has 2 choices, as seen above.  The boxed cushion is traditional but more tailored in appearance with the cording.  The knife edge has a more casual look, but not sloppy.  These cushions fit on the back of the sofa and are not to be confused with scatter cushions.  The nice thing about unattached  cushions are that they can be rotated to keep them from looking smashed down if you tend to sit in the same place everyday.

As mentioned before, welting adds a tailored look, while the unwelted cushions might look less fussy and could also be considered more contemporary.  We have recently been noticing more furniture without welting in all styles and designs.  A note on that is that some welting can be the first to show wear, and the double stitching on the unwelted cushion doesn't.

You can see above that there are optional finishes for the legs.  The shape will probably depend on the other pieces in your room. 

Finally, some of the finished options put together to give you an idea of what your piece will look like.  If you have small children or pets, remember to ask us about fabrics that are easy to clean.  All of our furniture companies are expanding that area of their fabric lines.  The look of pet-friendly fabrics, as we sometimes call them, has come a long way. 

There's a lot more to tell you about our furniture lines, but we'd rather do that in person.  You'll be happy to know that our newest line is also made in the US, as we feel that is an important factor in custom upholstery.  Each piece can be ordered to your specifications, or if you like what we have in your store, we'll have it delivered ASAP.

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