Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The before, during, and after for a door/window combo

Many homes have a similar set-up:  sliding doors and windows on one wall.  There are many configurations, but this one posed a particular problem since it was not symmetrical. 

Panels would have been nice, but the lack of wall space made that an impossibility.   The client definitely wanted some fabric, and the space needed something soft and another element of color.

 The client chose the fabric on the first appointment.  She loved the touch of red and the blue was a good match to the wall color.  The green vines added more variety and the light background really was necessary to standout on the blue walls. 

I took this information and started "drawing" several different valance ideas.  I had decided the large expanse needed one treatment to unify the area, and not break it up.  We also had a small window over the sink to do, not to mention two windows in the open living room. 

The software we use for our window treatment renderings is Minutes Matter Studio, in case you are in the market!  It has been invaluable for our business--not just for the customer, but for our own visualization.  We can draw a complete room, and clients are able to try before they buy!  In this case, the client immediately agreed this was just what she wanted, and even emailed the picture to her sister in another state.  Her family was able to follow her as she decorated her new home, and that was a comforting feeling to them all.  Their old home was lost in the tornado this past Spring.

The fabric was ordered, along with a contrast fabric for the covered cording that edged the bottom of the valances, (it was a blue, tone-on-tone small stripe).  Also taken into consideration was the sun shining through the door and the see through property of the fabrics.  A light weight blackout fabric was used for the lining, but I used it as an interlining as well, to add body and completely block out the sun.  Using a darker fabric for the cording could look very unattractive if the seams were visible through the lighter background in the face fabric!

The finished product!  This wide valance was attached with velcro.  It made transport much easier, and installation even easier.  

Custom window treatments from Madison Lane Interiors are as unique as the clients they are designed for.  If you have a unique situation or simply want a one-of-a-kind look for your home, we can take care of you. 

Let MLI help you make those important home decorating decisions---before you purchase the fabric!

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