Sunday, January 15, 2012

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Joplin


If you are reading this and are from the Joplin, Missouri area, I'm sure you tuned in to watch the final episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  If you are not familiar with this final episode, and the seven homes the team built for our tornado ravaged town, you can find out more by clicking here.  

House #6, home of the Nguyen family

I volunteered myself and my mother to do a project for one of the homes.  An energetic team leader for the sewing, Pamela Thompson from Pittsburg, Kansas, gave us our assignment (well, we got to choose, actually!).  We were to make a pair of drapery panels and bed panels for the master bedroom in home #6.  I also told her I'd be glad to help install, and that work was done in home #7, shown below:

House #7

I'm not sure how the designers divide up the work with their assistant designers, but by the time it filters to the teams, it has gone through several people.  Asking a question, then has to go back the same way---through the channels.  So, with our instructions, I took the fabric home to cut and pin the hems in place, and mom had the fun job of hand sewing all the hems.  We wanted to do the same quality work for EMHE as we would for any customer!
House #6 Master Bedroom
The panels for the window didn't make the cut---we were given the wrong length!   They showed up as a throw over a chair.  The bed panels were installed on the second day.  The corona had to be installed before I could hang them.  The bed was also changed from the time I installed to the time this picture was taken. I felt bad that the dust ruffle that I steamed  wasn't as neat and tidy as it had been when I left, but overall, I hope it met their expectations.  The installs in house seven didn't go off without a hitch, either, but I did notice it all looked fine in the final pictures.   If you want to scroll through all the photos, click here.

House #7 Master Bedroom
We are thankful to the EMHE team for coming to Joplin, Missouri, and we are sad to know the show has come to an end.  It has been incredible seeing all of the volunteers in our area, still today, giving so much of their time to our recovering town.
  It was interesting to see behind the scenes for the television show, and I think the giving spirit of Ty Pennington's team was truly uplifting to the Joplin area.  Thanks to them, and thanks to those volunteers who took on the extra leadership jobs involved with this huge undertaking.  

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