Monday, July 14, 2008

One of our favorites!

Surely you've been to Atchison to visit her stores. We've made the trip, and some of us have gone "several" times! It's Mary Carol Garrity, of the now famous Nell Hill's stores. Visit her website: and then make a point to visit her stores. There are two in Atchison, Kansas and one now in Kansas City. Her decorating ideas are some of the best, in our opinion!
We made sure we took the time to attend Mary Carol's seminar while we were at the Dallas Market. That's another great thing about attending Market---there is always something going on geared toward owning a business. Mary Carol told us all some of the things she did to market her "little store". Of course it boils down to a lot of hard work and her love to decorate! You cannot deny that she has an eye for design, and if you buy her books you'll see that on every page.
We all need our "favorite people" to keep us motivated!

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