Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Art Glass, it's beautiful!!!

Kitras Art Glass

We found a wonderful new vendor at the Dallas Market a couple of weeks ago. I wish you could see their beautiful pieces on their website! They do have just a couple of pictures, but of course they don't do their glassware justice.


We were greeted by their daughter, Sophie, in the showroom. She told us about the product, the uniqueness of each piece (which is something we are always looking for), and the stories behind some of the new items they are making.

We placed our order with our own Christmas list in mind, and hoping our customers will want to place the Kitras Art Glass on their list, as well. We'll follow up with the pictures from our shop later this Fall when we receive our order. But for now, enjoy some of the pictures from the Dallas Market.

Can you see the tree inside the ball? This is a sphere ornament, and the design is called the Tree of Enchantment. They are also available in oil lamps, which we will have in the store. Each one includes an inspirational message specific for their color and style.

Just a gathering of some of the garden items available from Kitras Glass. Included are hummingbird feeders and suncatchers.

These are some of the most beautiful gazing balls I've ever seen.
No, it's not a lollipop! It's a glass medallion meant to be in your garden! I can't wait to see the sun shining through these!

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