Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making a room come together

Great working relationships make for great rooms. We had several meetings with these clients. We all worked together on choosing the fabrics for a breakfast area, living room and dining room. Suggestions were made for trims and linings, drapery hardware and window shades. The clients were enthusiastic for the projects and were convinced to move forward after seeing the new floorplans and the renderings of the window treatments. The before and afters are below to view. The rooms are still a work in progress---lamps, artwork for the fireplace and a new area rug are just a few of the things we'll be adding. Before of the Living Room

After of the Living Room
and another view of LR into the kitchen:

Before of the Dining

After of the dining room, better lighting!

Finally, a closeup of the breakfast area:

1 comment:

Jaybird said...

This is lovely...
I have a similar scenario, where den, living room, kitchen and dining room are all visible when you walk in the entrance door. How do you coordinate fabrics for alllllll of these windows??? I would be so glad to pay you for your time to give me some ideas!


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