Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Local furniture Market

Justice Furniture

We call this furniture market "local" because we can drive there and back in one day. Also, this particular brand is made in our state of Missouri, and is shipped and received very quickly. That is important to our business. First of all, customers are happy when they receive their orders in a timely manner--we like a happy customer! Second, we are proud to buy American made products and try to get as many of our items from the US as we can.

I'll post some pictures below of the furniture we saw a couple of weeks ago. We already have our own sample in the store, but I'll show that picture another time!

Great little rocking chair for baby's room!

Slipper chairs are great space savers---no arms make them fit easily into a room.

Do you recognize the slipper chair---it's hidden in this sectional sofa. There are many arrangements available with this sectional!

Can you guess the chairs?

Did you guess "Recliner"??

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