Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is this your house? Aftermath of the Joplin Tornado.

No, I'm  not trying to be funny.  This is my mother's house, and Pam's parent's house looks very similar, only a few red bricks in the mix and a different wrecked car.  We've been preoccupied since this happened, a week ago today.  However, we want to see our town, Joplin, Missouri, come to life again.  If that "show me" attitude is really what I think it is, then I believe we'll be better than ever, and Joplin will be a shining example of what happens when "good people" pull together and help their neighbor.
We'll be busy putting out family back to normal, but we'll be in the shop, ready to help anyone who is lucky enough to find a house or able to repair the one they have. 

Come by and visit, we want to hear your "tornado story", and we want to help you put your life back in order.  

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