Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nature's decor: in praise of TREES!

I know I should be showing you some of our latest work, but during this emotional time for Joplin, I wanted to show you a quick snapshot of why we live in "tornado alley" in the first place.  Let me just say how lucky I am that these pictures were taken from my front door, one looking to the right, the other looking to the left:

There is just something about trees . . . .what is it?  After the tornado, it was the twisted trees I saw in my dreams that first night.  Ironically, Pam saw the same thing.  I won't even post a picture, I know you can find them on any Google search for the Joplin  Tornado.  It doesn't leave your mind.  

Sometimes nature is truly the best decorator! 

We are currently finishing some awesome projects, I hope to get some pictures posted soon.  Also, we will be attending the Dallas Market in 3 short weeks.  Stop in (or email) your wish list.  We want to know! 

Let's enjoy life's real beauties, and that is truly what nature has to show us.  MLI is here to help make your home your peaceful, lovely refuge.

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Jaybird said...

Ruh-roh......did I hear the "D" word???? The BIG D word???? will be close, but the market is not something that I can attend. I hope that Dallas welcomes you with a big Texas hug!!
and if you hear sniffling and snorting...that's me moaning and griping because you are so near yet so far!! Have a great time and I will be thinking about you.


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