Saturday, October 2, 2010

Babalu' Art: Imaginative Fused Glass by Ali Stinespring

Just a couple of days ago, Pam made a call to Ali to find out if she had more jewelry and nightlights, as we were down to our last two of each item.  Lucky for us, Ali was in town with her van and we were able to purchase some great new fused glass for the shop that day!  

We have a "connection" with Ali, not just because her mother is a friend and great customer, but also it was her grandfather who ran a grocery store from our building some years ago.

Mr. Morgan has been in our shop several times during the past 3 years, and always has the biggest smile as he walks down memory lane and shares a few stories with us.  He enjoys seeing the life brought back into the old building, although it does look a lot different.  Ali's mother, Carol, and her sisters, spent many hours helping out when their father was in business. 

But back to Babalu' Art---we currently have a couple of fused glass platters and a great selection of Ali's fused glass pendants.  She has a great new way to display each piece, so you can't miss them when you're looking around the shop!   Where else can you go to treat yourself (or someone special) to a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry other other art?  She signs each piece and does many commissioned pieces.  We put in a couple of requests and can't wait to see them.

Now for the really exciting news:  Babalu' Art will be holding a trunk show during our Christmas Open House!

Stay tuned for the exact date and time, it's just around the corner. 

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Julie Stephens said...

Beautiful work! Hope I can make it to the Christmas Open House. Love the new blog header and look! FABULOUS!!


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