Sunday, September 26, 2010

Decorating a master bedroom to please both the husband and wife

 It's a common theme:  wife likes the fabric but husband doesn't.  Wife wants a window treatment, but husband just wants blinds.  Husband wants fewer pillows, but wife wants some pizzaz.  You get the point---or maybe you're living with the same argument.  Our latest bedroom makeover started as a very blank slate:

Does that look familiar?  Of course the bed will need to go in between the windows, and we'll need some bedside tables, some lighting, some color, and hoping to get a variety of textures.

The plan:  client loves red, so we decide the tone-on-tone room (paint and carpet are very close in color) can handle a large dose of it.  The fabric has a smooth feel, but has small squares pressed into the fabric.  It is then decided that the quilting needs to be straight lined, to compliment the fabric, therefore we chose a channel quilt style.  We also request a very thin batting so we would not have too much "poufiness" and to reduce the weight of the bedspread.  To add to the tailored look, we opted to have the corners made with a "gusset".  It really reduces bulk and in a smaller bedroom it's a great idea.

Here's a closeup of the fabric and the quilting design we chose.

There was room for a rectangle ottoman at the foot of the bed.  We chose a plush golden/brown with little bits of gold thread for the upholstered piece:

Unfortunately, we didn't get a decent picture of the ottoman!  It was purchased through Justice Furniture.   They have several sizes available, although they are not all pictured online.  

Next on the list  is finding a coordinating fabric for the euro shams (euros are generally 27" square pillows).  A king size bed can accommodate 3 euro shams, and we decided to use those to place in front of the sleeping pillows.  This makes most husbands happy that they don't have to remove their pillow!  We did need something patterned but not another geometric shape, some red and but not floral.  

We found the perfect mix of bronze, red and gold upholstery weight fabric from Kasmir Fabrics for our pillow shams.  We added a brush fringe with the same colors, and the bedding was complete.  

The client had requested an upholstered headboard, and we were able to have that made by a local upholstery shop to the exact size we needed.

We looked at several options for side tables, knowing we needed a specific height and width to fit under the windows.  The resources we have for case goods is not as large as we'd like, so we visited a local furniture store to find just the right tables.  Finding a lamp seemed easy after all the fabrics were chosen, and  the granite topped tables.  

Finally, it was time to add the window treatment.  They style was chosen early on because of the need to widen the windows, but yet avoid overcrowding the area with more fabric.  A nice tone-on-tone look was desired to serve as a background for the lamps and bedding.  Here's the final look:

One final accent pillow was added (made from the gold drapery fabric), and we were done.  We are happy to report that both the husband and wife were very pleased with the outcome.  I hope you get the idea of the total room, but the partial picture keeps the room a little more private!

P.S.  Thanks to the KC Showhouse for the inspiration for the window treatments! 

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