Sunday, October 24, 2010

The MSSU Alumni Center Project: The Library

Missouri Southern State University's alumni center is busy!  At least that's the word from their Director, Lee.  They are already holding events in the beautiful building, and the plans for it's use seem endless. 

When we were asked to help furnish and decorate the interior, we knew we needed to show all  the wonderful potential this building, sometimes referred to as Mission Hills, could offer.  Knowing most of the rooms would need to serve double and triple duty on the party circuit, we concentrated on the Library as the more "decorated" room.  We needed something that would serve as a wow factor when presenting our ideas to the Alumni Board.  Thank goodness we had a computer program to draw most of our ideas, but still, we needed some artistic talent to get the idea across.  That's when we contacted our friend Laureen about the Library rendering.  We took a picture of each wall, measurements included, and sent them to her along with our plan.  Here's one of the before shots:

Here's our plan in storyboard style:

Included in the furniture pieces are a chair and sofa donated by the late Mrs.Mary Helen Harutun, who fell in love with the building.  We wanted to show the fabrics, furniture styles, and other furnishings and knew Laureen would be able to recreate them in her drawing for even more impact.  

Pretty cool, huh?  The entire drawing was done with a program called "Minutes Matter Studio".  Actually, it's because we have the program that we know Laureen.  It's a long story, but believe me when I say everyone involved with the drawing program is considered a friend!

Now, here's a picture of the finished room.  I may have to dig through more pictures to see if I have one from the same view.  You might notice a couple of fabric changes, but we really stayed very close to the original plan.  The gold chair is in the corner, just behind the photographer.

If you live in the area, please stop in and take a tour through the Ralph L.Gray Alumni Center.  We've got more pictures to share of the other rooms if you can't make it.

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