Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lamps, Lamps, and more Lamps

Here's a preview of some of the lamps you'll find in the shop.  Our newest vendor, Lamp Works, had a beautiful display of their lamps at the Dallas Market.  We kept going back to look, and before we knew it, wrote and order . . . then went back and added to that order . . . .then called them in a few more days to add another lamp!  Along with these, you'll see at least a dozen more new lamps from other vendors.  We have quite a selection in house!  You'll have to come in to see the new displays, new wall color, and the latest pieces of furniture. 

Seeded Glass     

Recycled Glass
Solid Wood

Recycled Glass

Lamps are more than just for lighting---they can be a thing of beauty on their own.  Add something special to your home.

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