Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sneak Peak

We've still got a lot to do, but we did get a couple of vignettes set up last week. The door leaning on the cement block wall allowed us to hang one of our Christmas door decorations and display some of the greenery. Did you notice all the boxes under the hutch? They are battery operated candles. Some of them are even operated with a remote control! They are selling fast, so we did order a few more to get here this week. The remote is great for the candles placed too high to reach. We have several styles and sizes.

I wish the camera took better pictures of these glass ornaments. They are just beautiful! We have several colors available. You probably can't see the little bird ornaments on the tree and by the window. Their bright colors look wonderful with all the glass.

By the end of the week it'll all be in place. I'll get a few more pictures posted later, but remember it all looks best in person!

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Sue said...

I love the hanging on your door--how much is the hanging--do you ship



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