Monday, May 4, 2009

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint

Green and Turquoise, new colors inside MLI!

If you wondered where we've been, you could have found us this weekend behind paint brushes and putty knives. The shop is sporting a new look! Besides moving the furniture around we added two new bright colors to the walls. The new paint color above really makes one take notice of anything in the store with green in it!

The new blue is actually more of a turquoise. Although we originally liked the pale blue, it was cold on this cement wall and didn't add the warmth it needed for the dark stained hutch. In a couple of weeks we are adding a railing just below the ceiling that will enable us to hang pictures in all those bare spaces you are now looking at. We've just never been able to use that area for picture display and that's what it needs. The cement gives a nice texture but was not user friendly!

After some minor adjustments of the lighting on Monday, we'll be ready to sit back and enjoy the new backdrop. Hopefully it'll show off some of our inventory in a new way.

If the sun shines again, we'll show you what's happening on the outside of the building.

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gina said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by and I love the paint colors. Your store is beautiful. Just add a touch of wallpaper somewhere for me


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