Friday, April 24, 2009

Springtime means "Gift time"

It seems like spring has a lot of things going on that requires a gift. If you received our latest postcard, we listed most of the events that require not only your presence, but a gift.

While our main emphasis is home decor, we do love to stock the store with the smaller gift items. We think the latest shipment of Michel Design Works is so pretty it surely qualifies as "decor".

Here's a sampling of our newest arrivals:
Umm, you'll love the French Vanilla. There are several different fragrances availablein this particular set, and we were able to purchase them at a special price. We are passing that along to you!

We also have the room spray, liquid soap and lotion available if you want to add to your collection!

The same is true for the Honey Almond scent, which is one we already carried in the shop. You'll also find more Pomegranate and China Blue. Another new scent for the store is Water Lillies. It reminds us of a "fresh as a spring rain" type of scent.

Come by and smell for yourself. The display is in the front of the store---you can't miss it.

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gina said...

I have never seen this one but I love the presentation and the colors.


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