Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping Locally

"Shop locally" is something we've all heard, even before these more difficult economic times. Becoming a shop owner will definitely make one think about the phrase---on a daily basis. As Joplin begins to improve their downtown, more small business will come in. Whether or not we can all
stay depends on many things.

This post is nothing more than just a reminder to stop in some of the locally owned businesses in town. I think we all are happy to hear any suggestions, needs and ideas you might want to offer.
We can't promise we can act on them all, but it's always food for thought.

The information on the 3/50 Project was recently mentioned in a business email we received. The information is from the US Department of Labor, and is something we should all be aware of. The formatting for their flyer isn't working on blogspot, so click on the link---it's really a quick read!

Thanks for "listening", and we'll soon return to our regularly scheduled blog full of new finds and beautiful interiors!

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