Thursday, June 4, 2009

Decorating a breakfast room: Final results

A picture should be worth a thousand words, but seeing the breakfast room in person makes a lot of difference. Did you notice the lamp to the left? The shade is the same fabric as the roman shades! This particular picture is blurry, but the colors are more true to the actual room. If you didn't see the before pics while we were working on ideas, click here.

The picture above shows off the fabric, but the wall color is distorted. The deep set windows allowed for an inside mount on these roman shades. We installed them even with the trim on the bottom of the transom. The patio door (not visible in the pictures) has an outside mounted roman shade, but the shade is mounted on the 3/4" side of the board so it lays against the glass.

The client lived in the house for several weeks before deciding they enjoyed the view from the bottom of the window, and the light from the transoms, but needed something that would add that needed weight to that side of the room, along with softness and color. Roman shades also offer total privacy when lowered.

The darker fabric required a light blocking lining so fading would not be an issue. It is also something we like to use on roman shades to prevent the sun from shining through and showing all those rings on the back! That's all part of putting together a custom job---sorting out the details!

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