Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing: DeVeer Designs Fused Glass Earrings

You'll love our newest buy from the Philadelphia Gift Market. Yes, believe it or not, we were saving these for summer. The cut glass earrings are a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. We met Barbara DeVeer at the Gift Market in February, and what an energetic person she was! We were ready to buy immediately, but being the cautious shoppers we were, (and she was only on the first or second row of the huge show) we insisted on seeing the rest of the show before we made a decision. While there were other great artists with their jewelry, none of them offered the variety that Barbara had. Her bright colors, unique styles, and great pricing couldn't be beat.

Hope you'll make it in to see these for yourself, and before two shopowners take any more home for themselves!


DeVeer Designs

Each of the DeVeer Designs earrings is hand crafted in St. Ignatius, Montana by Barbara DeVeer using their own glass elements. The artisans start with sheets of glass that they cut, often etch, stack and fuse in small kilns. The final shape of the earring is controlled by both how it is cut and the amount of heat that they subject to it. The layered, flat elements are fused at a lower temperature than the beads so they will retain their original shape yet bond together. The beads are layers of glass that have been fully melted together to get their wonderful round shape. Each element is cooled slowly, submerged in water while being drilled, and then assembled into one of the many designs. They use either original handmade sterling silver ear wires or traditional sterling or gold filled wires to complete the design. The DeVeer earrings are light and comfortable to wear. (info courtesy GrassRoots online store)

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