Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kitchen Remodel---after pictures

Remember the kitchen remodel of before, during and during? It's finally into the truly "after" phase, although don't ask the owner, she may not agree!!! Minus a table, chairs, and cushions, we are there. But, aren't we all always trying to improve on what we have, whether it's re-organizing the pots and pans, or just adding a new throw rug.

Remembering the "Before"

Loving the "After"

What we did: The soffit was the first to go---it just seemed to date the kitchen, and if you're going to replace the cabinets, why not use the extra space for storage (you don't have to use the top shelf for everyday)! The tile floor is new, along with the granite counter top, awesome stainless appliances (except for the fridge), and the counter next to the breakfast area was raised to serve as a bar counter. Wish I had a close-up of the backsplash with the tiny glass tiles running through as an accent. They really are made up of many different colors and are a bit of splash next to the tumbled style tiles. The light above the sink is fun as well, with polished stones embedded into the fixture. The window seems larger with the soffit gone and the new roman shade mounted several inches above the frame.

Small nook "Before"

This little area served as a make-shift office area: not large enough for a true message center, but small enough to catch everything else.

The "After" grew up to be a built-in Hutch

With the collection of dishes Mrs. Smith has, it seemed necessary to add some glass to the kitchen to show off the collections. She does use these dishes quite often, and they are very handy to the table, but also serve a decor when not in service. The brick wall was covered with sheetrock which eliminated the busy look of the rough, red bricks.

And the fridge, which used to house numerous photos, is now just part of the lovely scenery! Notice the set of drawers next to the fridge: the hole in the brick wall housed a double oven at one time. While it would have been nice to have one, the size was no longer available, and the thought of a jackhammer into the brick wall was not appealing. The deep drawers are now added storage.

Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for letting MLI help in your beautiful kitchen remodel. And to everyone else, stay tuned, we did redo the living room, too!!

And while we're at it: thanks to Brenda at Deans Custom Cabinets for all your help and patience, and always thanks to Calvin of CE Barnard Construction.

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Jaybird said...

This has turned out quite beautiful!! Where did they get the red rugs in the kitchen....I think I am in need of one or two :^)
Thank you,


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