Monday, April 18, 2011

We're expecting at Madison Lane Interiors!

Did that get your attention?  Well, it's not a lie, our favorite Mourning Doves are back, and they're expecting two baby birds.  They have a new home, too, if you can call it that.  I'm thinking someone gave up on the idea of building and just found a convenient spot:

 I just don't see a lot of structure in the new build.

  We heard the doves calling each other the last few weeks, and looked out the window towards the trees to see if they found a limb.  You remember last year they were just above the front door (click here if you missed out).   Their newest home was discovered by accident one day when Pam opened the upstairs door to add plants to the wire planter.  She was quite surprised to be face-to-face with Mrs. Dove.

 Here's a picture from last summer showing the proximity of the planter and the door upstairs.  The doves seem so exposed to the elements:  no roof (or even branches) over their head, and we've had some heavy rain storms lately.  Sure wish we had an awning over that door!

To think I thought last years home was a little sloppy, at least there was a little protection, and even a little sparkle here and there!  Here's the old place:

It was a little cramped under the overhang.   Maybe they just want the extra square footage.  Isn't that called "moving up?" 

I think I'd take a well built, smaller home, myself.  How about you?

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