Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to dress a window: Part I

I thought it would be interesting to watch a new project develop. We've all looked through the fabric books with paint swatches in hand, looking for just that perfect match. Sometimes it doesn't occur to us that by mixing several fabrics we can come up with a more interesting design. We always tell our customers that loving a fabric may not be possible, but more importantly it needs to be part of the whole scheme. It is great when we find that one perfect fabric and it alone brings the plan together, but many times it takes more than that one to get the look we want.

I'll assemble the "cast of characters" (yes, I stole that phrase from one of my favorite websites) and then we can follow the progress over the next few posts.

A bare naked window:

The chosen fabrics and trim, along with the staple gun, needles & pins, measuring tape, iron-on tape, my work table, and out of view is the indispensible iron!

Other handy gadgets like scissors, cording, and clamps which will probably all be used for this project.Not making appearance is the saw, air compressor and brad nailer, and the additional lining fabric for drawing the pattern and using inside the window treatment.

I need to give credit to the following companies that provided the fabrics and trims: Carole, Kasmir and Wesco. The websites for the last two companies actually show the fabric samples on-line.

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