Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living Room + Fireplace + Drapery = Stunning!

Well, that's the description the homeowner gave when she saw the finished product. The room is still waiting for the artwork to be framed, a glass and iron side table, and a floor lamp to be placed in the corner. Things just don't happen overnight, you know.

It's really fun to see where we started. Plans for the drapery panels were already being made:

Many homes have windows next to the fireplace. That can make for some creative ideas when looking at drapery hardware. Even before the crown molding and window trim is in place, we can tell there will be a minimal amount of room above the windows.In the meantime, the finish work was done and the furniture and area rugs were purchased:

It's obvious the room is not finished. Even decorating the mantle won't add the softness and color we need from the drapes.

The client found a blue/turquoise fabric, embroidered with gold stitching. This brought out the blue details found in the rug and furniture. It also looked great on the yellow/gold walls!

We did a couple of renderings for the client, one of them included pinch pleat panels on a rod and rings. After much consideration, this one was eliminated because of the crowded space and the thought that a heavy drape pulled to the side can cause rings to hang "sideways" and slide across the rod.

This was the final drawing---panels shirred on a two-inch rod. The only added decorative items they needed were the iron medallions used to hold the tassel tiebacks.

Here's the finished installation:

The fabric and fabrication was done by Kasmir Fabrics. We specified interlining and the lining is a new fabric that blocks the light but is also very soft and flowing. This combination will also make it easier for the client to remove the tassel and let the panels down for privacy and not worry about the drapery showing wrinkles. Although the fabric looks like a silk, it is made from polyester, as is the lining. The rendering shows the panels with a puddled hem, but in reality, this was not a good idea for a window treatment that may get use. Evenutally, the hem could show wear if it was drawn back and forth across the floor.

The only piece of visible hardware is the tieback from Helser Brothers. It is finished in the same color as the hardware they did for this customer's dining room.

Here's the closeup of the hardware and the fabric.

Thanks again, to our great customer, for allowing us to be involved in turning her new house into the beautiful home she has been waiting for.

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