Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outdoor decorating: Your need our Firelites!

They finally arrived and it's well into Spring! We probably mentioned that we had some cool Spring items coming in, and the Firelights are what we have been looking forward to. Now you're asking, "what the heck is a firelite? Well, here's the cut and paste version from our vendor, Napa Home and Garden:

There is something about fire that people find fascinating. First it was chimaeras, then fire pits, and now the rage is gel burners, which we call NAPA FireLites. The new generation burners use a pourable fuel gel that is easy and economical to use and are made in a wide range of shapes and colorful glazes. When in use they are more interesting than a candle. When not in use, they are an attractive item of home d├ęcor. We started shipping our FireLites in December and they were an instant success. Our NapaFireLites takes pourable gel fuel to a new level. It is the first fuel made from recycled waste material, which makes it greener and less toxic than fuels
made from carbon based products. And it is made in the USA.

They will be a great addition to your patio tables, the deck, or around the pool area. The gel comes in 32 oz bottles and is priced at $9.00/bottle. Pricing on the Firelights start at $14.50. We have at least a couple of each color in the shop now if you want to coordinate them for your outdoor decorating. The reorders may be late in arriving due to their overwhelming sales (which is why they were late in arriving).

Hurry in before your Memorial Day Weekend cookout!

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Anonymous said...

The fire lights are so elegant and fun. What a great find...


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