Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to Clarke & Clarke, a new line of fabrics!

The colors are crisp, the designs are fun and easy to mix, and the quality of the fabric is great. That's how we describe Clarke & Clarke. This fabric company is from the UK but warehoused in the USA. Our Duralee fabric rep, Tony, showed us the latest and greatest from Duralee, and then introduced us to this new company. We all agreed Clarke & Clarke has a real "European" look.

Here's a photograph from their website: what do you think? Too bold for your living room? How about just a couple of new pillows in one of their fabrics? If you browse their website you'll see some great designs, but I will say they don't come across as wonderful as they do in person.

This polka-dot cut velvet would make great pillow shams to liven up your bedding, or even a couple of throw pillows for the living room. It has a great feel to it and the colors are much clearer than what you see here. Click here for the additional colors in this design.

We do love a nice weight cotton, and these embroidered cottons had such a fresh look to them. This line would make some wonderful drapery panels. The white background would really brighten up a room. Click here to see the other colors in Terenzo fabric line.

But don't forget to checkout Duralee's newest line called the "Traditional Collection". Here's a quick preview of those books:

Of course, seeing the fabrics in person is the best!

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Unknown said...

Don't you just love their fabrics? I've been carrying them since they were available direct through C&C. Glad they are with Duralee now so they can get more market coverage that they deserve. Fabrics are amazing!


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