Saturday, February 11, 2012

Large windows and Kirtz shutters---a great solution!

If you thought your ranch style home wasn't a candidate for shutters, think again!

 This same window style is found in so many homes, not just ranch style homes.  It does make you scratch your head as to how to provide privacy, place furniture, and also manage the sunlight.  It is next to impossible to cover such a large expanse with drapery panels---the weight of the yards and yards of fabric would be very difficult to open and close.  Not to mention making furniture placement even more difficult.

The previous owners had 3 sets of 2" white blinds---what a mess of slats and cords that was.

Our client needed something to provide privacy, but easy to manage, and also something to act as a good insulator from the sun and the cold.  There really wasn't a better choice than these 4" louvered shutters.    The trim you see around the window wasn't there until the shutters were installed.  Also, the stain color was perfectly matched to the window sil, already in place.   It was all part of the custom made shutters from Kirtz Shutters.

Plantation shutters from Kirtz can be stained or painted.  They do a wonderful job of color matching, so no more just finding something "close" to your trim color.  Visit their website for more information and photos, then come by MLI and let's talk about your window possibilities.

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