Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birds: real and otherwise

 If you've followed our blog for the last couple of years, you know our dove family.  They originally built their home above the front door---but moved to our unused planter outside the upstairs door.  It seems they've given up on the decorating and building, and have simply just used what was there!  It happens to the best of us!

 A new collection of birds can be found in in our display from "Wishnest".  The tiny artwork is a hand sculpted pewter cast of birds and nests.  The artist, Alise Sheehan, has created these as a" reminder to be thankful and conscious of our blessings, dreams, and wishes and also of the importance of our connection to nature."  A Wishnest set would be a thoughtful housewarming or graduation gift.

 These elegant white porcelain ceramic birds would be a nice addition to stained shelving.  They look great with all decor, and really brighten up those dark areas that other objects tend to get lost in.

 There are several styles of pillows available in the shop featuring birds.  You can choose a dressier embroidered pillow or a casual block-print. 

 We just received the beautiful solid glass birds.  They could serve as paperweights or just a pretty addition of color to your cocktail table.

 Peacock feathers are hot right now.  Their bright colors are found in almost every type of decor and in the newest fabrics.  These screenprinted pillows are rectangle in shape---harder to find than you might expect!

 This metal wall hanging has a real "nature" feel to it!  

In addition to the single white bird statues, we have these pretty white planters that are designed to look like a nest with two birds sitting on the side.  

If you need to add a touch of nature to your home, look through our selection of bird decor, you're bound to find just the right addition.

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pve design said...

You know I adore birds! I fondly remember my Aunt Mary's Beam birds hanging in her kitchen banquet.


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