Friday, May 11, 2012

Color Report from High Point

Global Views in High Point

It was pretty obvious that "Tangerine Tango" was Pantone's Color of the year.  Most of you may not care about the current colors showing up at Market but we truly enjoy seeing the new color trends.  It was refreshing to see the gray showrooms punched up with the bright colors this year.  Previous markets have been displaying gray-on-gray with no added colors.   While this look may be considered restful and calming, we found it to be boring and dull----but we live in SW Missouri!  Possibly an ocean view could encourage an entirely different interior decorating scheme.  What is your opinion on decorating to your geographic location?

Back to High Point and our report on color.  Take a walk with us through market:

Highland House Furniture

Wildcat Territory bedding





Sherrill Furniture


Haeger Pottery
The photos speak for themselves.  You might notice we have a lot of pictures from the Duralee showroom.  If you've ever been in the shop and looked through some of our fabric books, chances are the Duralee fabrics caught your eye---they just have great colors.  The trendy colors of fushia and the bright oranges are perfect for pillows and throws, or tabletop decor.  Small doses of such saturated colors make them less of an investment, and easy to live with.   It'll keep your home looking fresh and new, and not stuck in a time warp.  If you're building a new house and want to incorporate the new colors, go for it---paint is one of the less expensive ways to make a statement.  

Come by the shop and find a bright color to add to your home.  It'll make you smile! 

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Shannon said...

Love the pops of orange and yellow on gray! Great post! Total eye candy.


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