Thursday, January 10, 2008

Traffic patterns

According to the required reading for store owners, you should not have a boring traffic pattern in your shop. We moved our bed to the front window and placed our round table in the middle, making a kind of "round about" walkway. Maybe it will make people want to linger a little longer or take two trips around the store to see everything! We still needed the height we gained with the little chair (originally from a local funeral home, hope that's not bad luck!). The round rug can be shown off much better in this location.
I think every rearrangement will be better than the last. With more inventory being added on a regular basis, we may be doing a lot of redesigning. Maybe eventually we'll have it down to a quick hour or two (in our dreams)!

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Angela Mense said...

I found your blog and have been checking out your cool stuff from the photos. I'm going to come back in one of these days! ; ) It all looks great...
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