Friday, April 4, 2008

Original Art

We like to add things to the store that aren't found on every corner and on every shelf. Shoppers like to go out of town to find the unique, but that's not always easy to do. And why should they always feel the need to leave Joplin to find something different. A town this size should be able to offer more than just the "regular fare". That's the reason anything "original" is appealing to Madison Lane. We just purchased several pieces of fused glass to add to the store. All of the jewelry and night lights in the collection are made by an artist in Bentonville, Arkansas. Although she occasionally takes her "show on the road", we convinced her to make some things for the shop.

The jewelry includes necklace/earring sets and a few bracelets.

The night lights can be custom made to match fabrics or the theme of a room. The possibilities are endless. They would be a great addition to baby's room, or add just that extra something to a powder room!

We hope to keep adding to our collection of Original Art.

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