Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bedding: ready made and custom made

There are many ways to get a unique look for your bedroom. There are some great "ready made" bedding ensembles that can be mixed and matched within their own line. There's also "custom made" bedding that sometimes is necessary to fit an oversized bed and can coordinate with the drapery. We like to mix custom with ready made items for a couple of reasons: can save time pulling the look together, and it usually can save some money. Of course there are exceptions to every case, but I'll show you some examples.

Below are some pictures from a new company you'll soon find at Madison Lane Interiors. Home Source International features bedding made from bamboo! It was being raved about at the Dallas Market and apparently is selling quite well. Our rep is coming in this week and we can't wait to place an order.

We will have another bed in the store very soon to show off the new bedding we'll be stocking. We'll be posting a picture of our own rendition very soon. Another item we can order will be mattresses and custom upholstered headboards, so please come by and see them in person.

If you need a special size coverlet because of your bed style or mattress size, we will take care of it! This bedroom required all custom bedding. The coverlet was quilted around the design. The three euro shams have brush fringe and a contrast back with buttoned opening. The king shams have a three inch flange trimmed in gold silk micro-cording. The two occasional pillows are from a third coordinating fabric and have a small gold silk flange on the edge.

Here are three custom made pillows waiting to be delivered. The blue silk was chosen to match the blue silk drapes. You can easily imagine how the room will have a new look just by their addition.

Stop in and let us help you personalize your bedroom.

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Rattlebridge Farm said...

What gorgeous bedding! I love the textures and the variety.


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