Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Jewelry in the shop!

We are adding more to our jewelry inventory. The first to arrive features sterling silver, bronze, and copper all etched and cut into some very interesting shapes. The line is "Gardella Jewelry", and although we didn't find this one in the Philadelphia Market, it was there. We did find it, later, on the website that promotes this market, and after looking it over for a couple of days, decided it would be a good fit for the shop. Besides being handmade in the USA, it has a very detailed and crafted style that we found so much more interesting than most of the other metal jewelry.

We'll be adding more jewelry between now and the holidays, so keep checking in. The picture quality is not too great, so definitely visit the website and look through the catalog. You'll get a much better view of all of it. We are starting with a small sample, but we'd love to have a reason to bring in a larger selection.

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