Sunday, October 18, 2009

Art Glass for the Fall Season

Most of us imagine fall decor needs to include pottery and the usual browns, greens and golds. Just like the table we set up to showcase our own pottery, ceramic vases and tiles. Of course, it is a good look, nothing wrong with it! At least we thought so.

Too bad this beautiful bowl hadn't arrived sooner---it would have been a great addition to that table. We could have used a different throw, a little rearranging here and there, and probably had a little "fresher" look to our fall table. A beautiful glass bowl is really a great anytime, don't you think?

And this gold glass vase with the etched ginkgo leaves would have been another good addition to the fall table. It was just a little late on arrival, too.

And while we are looking at art glass, you might remember our Kitras Glass. We know have a full collection of the "monthly" glass orbs. These are wonderful birthday gifts, as each one is representative of each month's birthstone. Hanging in a bright window, these are a cheerful reminder that someone was remembered on their special day. Customers may want to start their own collection for each family member and hang from the Christmas tree each year, too, but we'll be talking more about the Holiday Season in upcoming blog posts!

Look around your home this Fall and see if you need to add some of these beautiful pieces to your decor. Don't forget that entry table or coffee table. And if these few pictures don't entice you, maybe if I told you we received over 40 boxes of various glass last week you'll at least be curious. We'll be placing many of these downstairs as soon as we find the perfect spot!

Bet you've got just the place for art glass!

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