Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Holiday Open House: November 7, 2009

If you live in the area, we hope you can make it next Saturday to our Holiday Open House. We'll have spiced cider and cookies and by late afternoon we'll serve wine and cheese! Our hours will be 11:00 until 5:30. If you noticed the pretty silver boxes in the picture above, you'll want to make sure you open the lid and smell inside. There is a Trapp Candle inside, and they are featuring three special scents for the Holidays. We will be holding a Trapp Candle sweepstakes, too. You'll have to stop by the special table upstairs to register.

Many shops are able to "unveil" their Christmas decor at the last minute. We had to "make hay while the sun was shining", and do much of our work several days ago. We won't light everything up until the final day, though!

Well, that fall decor table is now holding all our serving pieces, including the wonderful Beatriz Ball platters. On the right side of the table are some great little bamboo cutting boards that'll work great for your next wine and cheese party!

There's still many special items around the shop that we'll keep as a surprise. Hope you can make it in to find them all.

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Maria Killam said...

it's starting to feel like Christmas here :)


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