Saturday, November 20, 2010

The MSSU Alumni Center Project--the Entry and Dining Room

 Since I don't like to start with the before, here's an after shot of the MSSU Alumni Center entry.  It's actually the front door, but this building will be entered from the back.  The wood floors are just beautiful, and you might notice that the hardwoods are laid in a pattern I call a log cabin design.  That may not be correct, but my grandmother made quilts with that design.  Each room, closet, and hallway has the same layout.  Even the closet under the stairs!

OK, here's the pitiful before picture.  Note the orange indoor/outdoor carpet over those lovely floors.  Just looking at this picture makes me think I'm smelling mold---I'm sure there was plenty due to the water damage you can see.
Standing at the front door and looking back.  The lights you see are not original, but are placeholders until the money is donated to refurbish the originals.  They are quite unique, we have never seen anything like them.  

 You can see a couple of the original lights in this before picture.  We hope to show them in place again in future posts.

This before picture shows that the walls and trim were just about finished.  The windows in the mansion were all replaced by the time we saw it.

The same view with the finishing touches. The dining room chairs are from IDS Furniture.  They were kind enough to take the order but ship close to move-in time.  The area rug is from Surya, as were all the rugs we chose for the mansion.  

Looking to the right:  The two sideboards have a lot of storage for the University's glassware

 All those embroidered sheers were fabricated by Connie's Workroom.  The hardware is a mixture of Santangelo's drapery hardware and Helser Brothers.  The blue linen panels were fabricated by MLI in our private workroom (Amber's sewing room).  

Hope you enjoyed the partial tour through the Ralph Gray Alumni Center.  Remember, if you are in the area, guests are always welcomed.

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