Monday, March 21, 2011

Details of a Guest Room window treatment

Pat's guest room was already inviting.  She had a pretty brown/turquoise coverlet and shams, coordinating rugs and lamp.  "I just want some panels", she said, "but something a little different."  There was no need to have anything more than some added color and the room could benefit from the vertical line panels will give to the big rectangle window.  

After a show and tell in our shop, Pat pointed to a panel sample and a valance sample and decided she would like something like both of those----together.  She left a pillow sham to match fabrics for the room, and the search was on.  Luckily, the colors of her guest room are easy to find, and on her return visit we had several to show her.  Even luckier for us was Pat's easy going nature and the words: "I like those two, and I know it'll look great!"  And that took about 15 minutes.

We had already talked about using two rods/finial sets beforehand.  The thought of one long pole just didn't seem decorative enough.  The beautiful turquoise fabric adds the punch the room needed, and compliments the bedding and the wall color.  We call the window treatment panels with an attached valance, really difficult to come up with that one, huh?  The difference is in the treatment of the pleats and spaces, compared to other similar styles we've done.

Here's a little more detailed information, just so you'll know why this particular treatment looks the way it does.  

There's no such thing as "standard" here at MLI.  Every space, pleat, length and width is done with your style in mind.  And for the record:  it will probably take more than 15 minutes to decide, so don't give up!

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