Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is it time to update your home---before and after

We mentioned a few weeks ago that sheers are back.  With more variety to choose from, including embroidered sheers and the heavier casement style fabrics, it's easy to see why they are so popular.  A recent home took advantage of one of the embroidered styles and updated their living/dining room.

 It's obvious we moved the furniture around--the beautiful buffet was hiding in the corner of the opposite wall and the loveseat and coffee table seemed to dominate the center of the room.  By moving the loveseat closer to the sofa and turning the coffee table to sit in front of the larger sofa we opened up the pathway to the dining room.  The new buffet lamps will help illuminate the lovely sheers and the whole room is now more tailored in appearance.  

A cost saving method of hanging pinch pleated sheers is on a small oval rod.  The drapery pins are placed lower on the panels and hooked over the rod so it is not visible.  This will not allow the sheers to open and close, but because of the type of fabric there is still plenty of light along with daytime privacy.

If you want to open and close your drapery panels, a decorative traverse rod or simple rod with rings can be used.   We have come to use the decorative traverse rods more and more for ease of operation----and now there are more to choose from!  

Is your home ready to be updated?  Make an appointment with Madison Lane and start making those changes........the Holidays will be here before you know it!!!


Jaybird said...

That looks great!!! As soon as I get back on track after foot surgery Monday, I will be in touch to get some casement cloth...
Have a great month or two and then I will be here to check on you :^)

Madison Lane said...

Hope your foot surgery is painless!!! We will get the casement fabric figured out. I can send some cuttings to you in the meantime.


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